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Thread: !! TARM and ACR Swiss Laserparts and Things !!

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    Default !! TARM and ACR Swiss Laserparts and Things !!

    Hello Thogether,
    i came from Germany and i was an Fan + Collector for "OLD" Laserthings from Swiss and Germany !!

    Now, first i search the follow old Things from ACR Swiss Laser + TARM SLL Laser + Datronik Germany:

    1.) Old big or small Laserbases - Empty without optical Base-Effects
    or Full Lasereffectbases also Complete Systems

    2,) Old Lasercontroller für Lissajou and Graphics and Scanning + also Computersystems
    3.) Old Optical Effectparts for Base
    4.) Old Spareparts for some Repairs and Stored
    5.) Old Laserthings there are not Working

    Please offer me only the very old and small Prices Things with Option for
    Transport to Germany with UPS or an other Transportcompany.

    Please send me Your Offers with Pictures and Locationp and some Technical Informations via E-Mail to:

    Thank you very much

    LJ Stefan from Germany
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