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Thread: Anti Virus on 2 drives?

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    Default Anti Virus on 2 drives?

    Hey everyone-

    per many of your suggestions, i partitioned my HD and installed Win7 on both drives for a dual boot. One for Serato and pro audio programs. and the other (smaller) drive for all the regular computer crap (office, quickbooks, yadda yadda yadda...)

    My question is, installing anti virus on *both* drives, will this cause a problem? each drive has its own windows installed, and obviously only one system can be active at a time, but i noticed that HD1 (Serato drive) when running a av scan, it scans the "D" drive also (D being the second HD with Win 7 also installed). so, if i have AV installed on *both* drives, will they conflict with each as if there was 2 AV softwares installed on the same drive? I am guessing no becasue the second installation on the inactive system drive is not actually "loaded" and active. Am i assuming correctly?

    Thanks for any input.


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    It will not be an issue because only one will be running at a time (assuming you just have one installed on each windows install)

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    Its no problem when you use the same username and password.
    If this is not the same, the one cannot enter the directory's of the other.

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    also even though one partition wont be in use, the running antivirus will keep its "eyes" on both partitions, so if something got by it, and screwed with the other partition, the AV would alert you.

    Running 2 AV's on the same partition is a different kettle of fish. Can bring a computer to its knees.

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