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Thread: The Ultimate laser information page

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    Default The Ultimate laser information page

    The Ultimate laser information page

    ideal for for all levels .. noobs to pros ...

    Great info about laser safety ....

    even the links from thispage are good .... i think that with our experience we have a lot more to offer this page in the way of content .... especialy as there is no mention of Scopes n Casio diodes


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    Hahahaha, saved to favourites for future reference.

    Doc's website

    The Health and Safety Act 1971

    Recklessly interfering with Darwinís natural selection process, thereby extending the life cycle of dim-witted ignorami; thus perpetuating and magnifying the danger to us all, by enabling them to breed and walk amongst us, our children and loved ones.

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    Default A Wealth of Information Here

    There were so many unanswered questions i had about this laser thing but thanks to your helpful site I now understand lasers completely. Don't Keel me for asking but shouldn't we hide this from the other groups?
    Wiki:The first visible wavelength laser diode was demonstrated by Nick Holonyak, Jr. in 1962.

    FS: hi grade SEAL DUST

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