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Thread: Mirrors for 6800's UK.

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    Default Mirrors for 6800's UK.

    Hi guys (and gals!), I'm a recent addition to the laser world having spent 10 years as an event lighting tech that has avoided them for far too long, so the first of many posts on what looks to be a steep yet fun learning curve..... I've got a pair of 6800's that have mirrors suitable for infra red so firstly I need a pair of visible light mirrrors (for an eventual rgb system) anyone got a pair for sale in the uk? Secondly and I'll pm the relevent people induvidually but I'm after a set of anamorphic prisms for the 445 i'm building up... Anyone from the recent multibuys got any spare?

    Cheers, Matt.....

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    Rob Stanwax has spare mirrors for the DT scanners, both large and small depending on what lasers you'll be using. Not sure what the slot is like on the Camtech ones but it may be similar width.

    Simon P1tbull has more prisms if I'm not mistaken. If not, I have a set on the way that I probably won't use right now if you get stuck.

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