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Thread: Identify/adjust 532nm Laser with power loss

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    Default Identify/adjust 532nm Laser with power loss

    Does anyone recognize this laser? It’s got a few years on it (low hours though) but it has an excellent beam profile 1mm at the aperture (<1mrad) TEM00, analog modulation, 150mW and the mains power supply is integrated in the head. Unfortunately its bin sitting for a while and if I had to guess it has about 500 hours on it (I’m the first owner) and now it’s just putting out >40mW. So before I start screwing around I thought I’d ask here first and see if anyone is familiar with this model. It wasn’t a cheapo and due to the excellent beam profile I would like to get it back up to par, it may just need adjusting. There are 2 trimmers on the PCB, probably LD current and TEC. If necessary I’d even give it a try at replacing the diode, but first I’ll check the current.

    The cavity has a sticker on it with hard to interpret hand writing, possibly 0.785A and then what looks like 17,76K (probably TEC), 150mW, 532nm.

    Any suggestions?

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    it's look like an "old viasho" ..the stickers and the aluminium head make me think that.

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    I second Viasho, more on a hunch than anything else. Shoot "frank" a PM..
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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