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    Default Stepper motors

    Hey guys, now that I am on holidays for a while, I've decided to build a laser cutter. THe project is underway, however I have now realised the little steppers I was intending on using aren't going to be fast or strong enough.

    There are steppers on eBay all over the place, however I'm not really keen on paying $50 per motor (Then shipping) if anyone has some collecting dust.

    These are what I have now:

    They can only do a max of 60RPM, and don't have much torque, so anything somewhat bigger than these would be good


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    Hi mate, I use these, pretty good torque, 1.8 degrees per step. Littlebird sell hubs to suit these motors too. Not sure how the specs compare with what you have, they look similar.

    If your after more control, I can highly recommend the Allegro micro-step controllers too. I use these at 1/16 microstep (3200 steps per rev). If you use these, I can assist in setting the current limit correctly, it is very important to achieve good micro stepping performance. Even if you don't use the micro stepping feature, these controllers are great. Simply provide direction and steps inputs, they do the rest and have amazing drive capability considering the SMD package!


    PS, if you need gears, cogs, etc checkout

    More good sources in Aus:
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