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Thread: Back from Vegas...

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    Default Back from Vegas...

    Hey guys, back from the Vegas show and I'm exhausted...

    This was our first show ever using hardware and software that was 100%
    done by us... Using the ethernet network as the backbone, we successfully
    controlled six 40W yags w/ DMX and a 16W PCAOM'd whitelight with realtime
    MIDI controls...

    Josh, doing final prep on the 16-bit laser boards...

    Nothing says loving like 40W of 532 YAG... The beams were so
    tight they were slicing right through the blackwrap.

    We contacted an old friend, Edgar of Optical Magic to provide the 4 - 40W yags
    and his systems were stunningly beautiful. He brought Walt of Laser Rentals, Inc.
    and both of them were the best people to work with EVER!!!

    We also rented Laserium's 16W whitelight and another 40W YAG.
    I knew the venue was pro when I asked for 480V 3-phase at 100 amps per
    leg and the LD didn't even blink...

    I was pleasantly surprised at how well the board worked on 7 new systems
    I had never seen before... The amps were all different too, we had everything
    from single-ended G120s to brand new CT6210s...

    The foofy "amplify color" code for doing vivid beam shows worked too!

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    oh that is so nice 8) 8) 8)

    That must be a job that will show on the paymentday :roll:

    I hope I someday is in the US when there is a show to se
    I have not decided where to go next time I wisit USA, so let me know where the biggest laser is and i be there haha :twisted:

    Anyway, great picture and a cruel setup and it seems like everything did go out perfect that is great..

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    Welcome back, Yadda and Gang

    That looks like it was fun as well hard work..
    I bet you lost a few pounds, hehe.

    I can imagine the smell of burning Blackwrap..
    A Very nice setup..
    And a crew that was great to work with too, Nice.
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    wow, my best Napolean Dynamite impression there ... :roll:

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