Here can you se the nice setup :
(I did get this link in a mail from Alphalite group)

and here can you download the software:

I have used the software myself for some time now, and the software is great
It can do almost everything i think....
But it`s hard to understand the germany text..

So I did talk about that to Eric Hans !
And the very next day I did get this in reply:
i began to translate the buttons and messages from the software. The translation of the main window is nearly complete. Now the Timline, Effekts, DMX and all other buttons have to be translatet....

much to do.. but it works.

many greetings from here...


This is a very helpful guy I dont think that any other ppl can do support so quick as he do !!! "thumbs UP"

here is a quote from what he did e-mail me about how to start (maybe it can be helpful for you)

First you have to select the Hatdware device. Open the "optionen", select "Hardware" and select a Hardware for Device 1

Save the Settings

After this, import the Ilda file. When the import have been done, KLICK on the ICON of the file in the FIGUR Window. (upper left!!!!). After this klick you should be able to display the FIRST frame of the Ilda file.
To select a Framerate, klick "Frames / Sekunde" and enter a value for Frames per second.
now you should see one frame following the other.


The problem with the translation is, i do so many changes in the
software. Because this, there is no time for translation :-)

but i will do it.

A great guy, and a great software (Becouse it`s free to use)

:P :P :P :P