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Thread: pass green/red reflect blue OR pass green/blue reflect red..

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    Default pass green/red reflect blue OR pass green/blue reflect red..

    Ok... Heres my problem:

    Dichros usually have massive transmission losses, its the nature of the beast.

    532nM is damn cheap so I have no problem passing it through 2 dichros and eating the losses.

    473nM is damn expensive, so im trying to figure out if i need to reflect it off the first dichro and pass it through the second dichro and eat the transmission losses or bounce it off the last dichro an only eat a 1-2% loss...

    660nM is a real weak line to mix and hard to get a ton of with decent beam properties so Im trying to decide if i want to bounce it off the last dichro only or bounce it off the first dichro and pass it through the second...

    I guess my question is about efficiency and optics availability...

    Which setup should i eat the losses on?

    Are there any optics sourcing problems that would preclude me from getting any of the above optics?

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    I'm no expert, but if cost is a factor, then I'd recommend your second option. Put the expensive blue dpss laser at the end of the chain, where you'll loose the least power.

    Red is always going to be cheaper than blue, but you need a lot more red than blue, so I'd put the red in the middle and accept that you might loose up to 15% of your red power.

    Put the green at the begining, since green is cheap, and you don't need nearly as much green as you do red or blue for proper color balance.

    As to the problems with 660 nm red, what about 650 nm or 635 nm? You will get an increase in apparent brightness and also slightly better beam characteristics with either one. (Especially 635 nm, which will appear MUCH brighter than 660 nm at the same power level.)

    It looks like you are in the same boat that I am when it comes to power. Namely, blue is your limiting factor for color balance. How much blue can you make at 473 nm?

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    A thing to note is that in the dark, your senses shifts down to blue
    because the rods are more sensitive to shorter wavelengths.
    So if you're planning on doing beam shows, preserving red is important.
    If you want to focus on graphics, then preserving blue is important.

    Here's a site with too much information:

    The base page of that site is:

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    I'd say put green at the end, as yes its cheap. Then toss a coin as to whether blue or red goes in the middle.

    Funnily enough Arctos only stock refect green/blue, pass red dichros. Which leads me to believe that is how they have it set up in their projectors. Which is silly i think. But anyway...
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