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Thread: Request : next / previous button for private message browsing

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    Default Request : next / previous button for private message browsing

    Hi, maybe it is already there but is it possible to go to the next message, or previous one, while reading private messages?

    It looks like i have to go back to the folder and then choose another message to read.


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    Sorry, can't happen - Technical limitation with how the PM system indexes "objects". It's not the same as posts, interestingly enough.

    Posts are children of threads and threads are children of boards. Owner is applied against post data.

    PM's are a child of absolutely nothing and are listed in a way that probably makes sense to 3 people on the planet zignorf.

    Interesting tidbit of the day: Did you know that when you get a PM you don't directly get the text? You get two unique numbers that reference who you are and an wholly unrelated text entry in the PM table. When you "open" the text it compiles the two together and you get what appears to be a PM.

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