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Thread: DHOM 1.5 Watt 532

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    Default DHOM 1.5 Watt 532

    Hey Guys and gals-

    this took me a while. sorry, been very busy over here.

    I did some pretty extensive tests on the 1.5W/532 i got from Shawn at DHOM. I am now their dealer in the USA, and wanted to give you guys my results of the tets i have done already. i will also be sending this laser to Adam (buffo) to test also. So that it cant be said i was biased in my findings.

    So far, i have found these to be EXCELLENT quality and well up to light show demanding use.

    1st off the laser:

    Obviously packed extrmemely well. i received it in about 4-6 days after i ordered it. I honestly dont remember the exact time, but it was right around 4-6 days.

    A- Lab type power supply incorporates all safety features needed for CDRH compliancy except key non-removable in "ON" position. **I will be suggesting to shawn to fix this**
    B- manual reset on front. Once reset is hit, the Laser must be manually reset.
    C- Interlock circuit on back which will not allow lasing unless interlock circuit is closed. The unit i have here was purposely defeated so i was not able to see how this works. but they *DO* come standard on their lab power supplies as a *working* interlock.
    D- Analog modulation Satisfies the "Attenuation" standard. So, no manual beam attenuation on power supply. Although it Is an option.

    I will be suggesting to Shawn to have an option for OEM supplies and drivers. I know that many of us, if not most of us do not like the enormous power supplies/drivers.

    Head and Supply is fan cooled and never once got hot or even warm to the touch. Ran very stable.

    TEST 1- Linearity:

    To be expected. the modulation linearity was pretty decent. Right in line with most other manufacturers of this quality.

    TEST 2- BURN IN:

    I ran the laser at room temp from a cold start for 6.6 Hours. Measured the output every 10 minutes for 40 samples. (those of you that have purchased lasers from me will see this also on your test sheets).

    I was very impressed with the stability of the laser. Never swayed more than a few mW after warm up.


    Beam at aperture- 3mm
    Beam at 24 feet (Longest i could go in my workshop): 16mm

    Divergence= 1.77 mrad (according to THIS calculator)


    Raw power from Laser head to Meter head ~1.83 Watts

    Laser reflected off of Broadband Die-Electric mirror SPECIFICALLY designed and manufactured *NOT* to reflect IR (One Stop Laser Shop. Wavelength reflectivity= 400nm-700nm)= Reflected measured post mirror= 1.77 Watts

    60mW difference. Take into account ~1% loss off of reflectivity of mirror (99% reflectivity for visible wavelengths) this gives ~18.3mW loss for reflection.

    60-18=42mW. So, if math and theory serves me correctly, Approximately 42mW of IR leakage. Or 2% IR.


    Sorry, no pictures of this. My wide took the camera out with her. lol. ill try to redo the tests so that there are pictures to look at. pretty self explantory though.

    A. I left the power supply and Laser head outside for about 2 hours today. I live in CT. and it was ~27 degrees F today. So, pretty damn chili

    B. After 2 hours i plugged laser in and she fired right up. I input a 5V signal and she started at about 888mW.

    C. after 5 minutes, Laser got to 1.113 Watts

    D. After 20 minutes, 1.779 Watts.

    E. 3 Hours outside at full 5V input and ~25-30 degrees- 1.699 Watts. pretty nice.


    Very close to perfect TEM00. Round, not oval or square. Very nice beam shape. 3mm at aperture.

    I dont have a photo diode. so i didnt do a response test. Did i miss anything that you think may be important? Adam i am sure will do some in dpeth tests that i may have missed or elaborate on my tests.

    Overall, this is a damn good laser and i am very excited to be dealing with Shawn and DHOM.


    ILDA- U.S. Laser Regulatory Committee

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    FDA/CDRH Certified Professional LuminanceRGB Laser Light Show Systems

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    Excellent review and a very nice looking laser.

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    Default review

    Nice review marc
    Best hope the wife does not read it
    Calling her the wide is just asking for it lol!
    When God said “Let there be light” he surely must have meant perfectly coherent light.

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    Nice Review Marc.

    They do look pretty similar to CNI. The only difference I could find between the DHOM and a CNI are the letters DHOM

    But I think this is a good thing as CNI are one of the best chinese lasers.

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    What would the price be on something like this be ?
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    and do they have a power supply that isnt so ungodly huge?

    have you tried taking it apart and seeing how big the actual power supply sans enclosure is?

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