Hi Guys,

I had a conversation with Bill about safety in QS and I've been re-assured that QS works behind the scenes to keep things safe so I'm now releasing this cue for download:

The video is poor quality and the cue has been moved off centre and stretched to better allow you to see in between the sheets. The actual cue looks beautiful in comparison when imported and is perfectly circular with vivid colours.

Given the crossovers in this effect I'm still disclaiming liability though - this is at your risk and the onus is on you to check it for safety before exposing yourself or anyone else to it.

I'd be very interested to see it in action if anyone would like to post a clip of it actually playing back on their laser. Would be interesting for me to see just how successful my efforts to produce unusual cues are and how well they appear in practice.

The aim of this one is pretty simple and that is to take the centre part of your audience on a journey through walls into different colour combinations and tunnels / spaces.

LD owners, I tried exporting this but unfortunately it seemed to take ages producing the frames and they didn't work when re-imported into QS. I'm guessing there's some export limitation.Red & Yellow Morphing and Rotating Cone.zip