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Thread: Audio/Visual Contractor looking for lasers.

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    Default Audio/Visual Contractor looking for lasers.

    Hey all,

    I have loads of audio gear -- I know, I know, it's not laser-related...

    Bose speakers, QSC amps, distributed systems (1 amp and many 1-100+ ceiling speakers) and so on... I also have a bunch of the speakers they use in Abercrombie and Fitch - you know how loud those stores are...

    (note: none of those are my pics or my auctions, they're just for example)

    almost everything I have is new-in-box.

    if you wanna turn your $200 laser into a killer pair of speakers or anything like that, lemme know.
    In light of the holiday season, I'm feeling generous.

    Here's what I am looking to do: build a Laser Harp

    I think i'd need 500mw of green (or more if blue) with TTL control.

    Glavo's would be cool too. I don't need anything crazy (30kpps-kinda stuff) just some old stuff would do.

    I am also happy to share my audio expertise in anyone has any questions like that, because I know I'll be asking a bunch of questions here, so thanks in advance for all your help.

    C'mon, you know your girl has been asking for speakers out by the pool, or you need some good tunes in your workshop...

    I travel all around the NY tri-state area, and I'll deliver.
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