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Thread: HELP?!?!?! I need some advice/help

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    Question HELP?!?!?! I need some advice/help

    I recently inherited a bunch of stuff from an uncle who passed. 2 of the things are laser parts. I have find a little bit of info on them, but would desperately like more. Here's the facts: I know they are Nd YAG parts of the head, I think they are called pump chambers. They are brand new. one of them has a gold chamber in it, the other doesn't. They BOTH have the YAG rod in them, but no light tube thing. They have been stored for a while in a case, sealed and dry. Does anyone know what these are for, or what I should ask for them on ebay or where to sell them!! ALL help will be greatly appreciated. I am enclosing some pictures of them. The YAG tubes are NEW, they have never been used and are not damaged in any way.
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    Try searching around ebay for sold YAG flashlamp laser resonators without the lamp and power supply and see what the going rate is. If you could find good lamps and power supplies it would help the value a lot, but as it is, what you have are the parts everyone has left over after their system fails. A careful inspection of the YAG rod with photos for damage could improve things.

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