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Thread: can you mix galvo's and scanner amps?

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    Default can you mix galvo's and scanner amps?

    Wondering if I can run a set of scanpro 40's galvos off driver boards for SCANLSP30?

    sounds odd yes but there is a ok reason atleast in my head...
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    I wouldn't suggest it. Even though they are both clones of the Cambridge 6800 scanner design, there are obvious differences in the amps. It might work, and then again it might go *poof*!

    Plus, I'm not even sure that they run off the same voltage. (Some of the early Scan-pro scanners used +/- 18 volts instead of +/- 24 volts.)

    In a pinch, you could run one Scan-pro scanner (and amp) for X and one DT-40 scanner (and amp) for Y. But always run a given scanner with it's matching amp as a set.


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