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Thread: JDSU 2111B PSU question.

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    Default JDSU 2111B PSU question.

    EDIT: Disregard this thread, found my answer. Also the fan is completely dead, if anyone has a spare please PM me.

    Hey everyone,

    Recently purchased a JDSU/Cyonics argon from xntrix - got it yestarday, powers up fine and the tube lights/lases as it should.

    I noticed however that the fan on the PSU doesn't always work, or works then stops. So I opened up the PSU to check it out ( everything *looked* fine regarding that ) then I noticed two of the transformers have 200 and 240 taps on them, both of which are set to 200. I have a 230-240 line, I take it I should change these? I figured that might have something to do with the fan as well ...

    I didn't want to change these just in case they are for something else and it catches fire or something.


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