!Made in 3Ds Max 2011 might not work in 3ds max 2010 or older!

This .Max file is free to use and modify / distribute made in around half an hour or so.
You can modify it or use it for laser.
It has not been specifically made for laser use but It can be modified.

Im sharing the .max file so people can use it to learn a few things.
By seeing how I did it.

Also the textures are made simple because illustrate can see the colours that way, if they get too complex they will appear white.

!Warning! The stone where the sword is in has a optimize modifier on there for a reason.
If you remove it and render the illustrate plugin will fail and crash.
I made the option to disable it so you can see the limit of illustrate by yourself.

Illustrate plugin known problems:
- Some camera angles in big 3ds scenes or just 3D scenes involving landscapes can make random objects glitch in front of the view for no reason.

- Crash with high poly objects

Also Im sorry if I insulted any random knight on the photonlexicon forum with this


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