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Thread: Sneak peak 339 layer flash I've been working on

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    Default Sneak peak 339 layer flash I've been working on

    Hello all

    A few days ago I have been optimizing a very complex flash especially for laser.
    It took me around 3 full days total of redrawing and removing things and fixing.
    (alot of things had te done frame by frame)

    Here are some previews.
    *they have been outputted to an image sequence then traced with sergeys tracer and then converted to flash by Utopia flash converter demo*.
    Just to make people curious
    These is by far not the whole animation.
    I took out 3 parts and converted those.

    The final version is able to scan at 30kpps
    *It already is for almost every part* and If not then it's back to the drawing table*

    This graphic show will unfortunately not be shared on the forums, I think... I'm sorry.
    Also sorry for there being no sound in the flashes ~ 2mb ~ 512kb ~ 4mb

    *edit aw embedding flash doesn't work*
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