Everything here MUST go.

635nm red modules, 6Volts, unknown power. ( Assumed to be 5mW ) - 2 each or all 5 for 8.

Output beam is not collimated, focuses to a flat point a few cm in from of the module then diverges into a square. Nice solid housings, diodes/optics could be replaced or reused.

632.8nm red HeNe tube, 1mW - working. - 5

Your typical HeNe tube, 1mW - could be used for alignment of other lasers, or it could be made into a desk lamp.

Large steel projector case - 25 or make an offer.

Made of steel, has an Aly plate inside of it with some holes already drilled. Powdercoating is wearing of in some places, but it is very sturdy.

More stuff may be added soon - keep an eye out.