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Thread: Laser Boy Correction Amp

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    Default SOLD! =] Laser Boy Correction Amp


    I am selling a somewhat defective (my fault) Dr. Lava/ Laser Boy correction amp. It works its just that i over heated one of the copper pad rings things. But if you add a wire to whatever other component it is connected to, you should be fine.

    If you want to purchase it and you want more detail on how to add the wire, let me know and ill try to explain the best i can.

    Im asking $40 shipped. You might be wondering why i would put it to the original price since its defective. Well, its because i already soldered the soundcard to it and i dont have time to unsolder everything without messing up. So you can purchase both the correction amp with the soundcard for $40 shipped.

    Any questions or if you want pictures, please PM me.

    Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!! =]]

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