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    Default From the Microwave Mailing List

    From a mailing list I'm on, about real field operations on "field day", the day all Hams are supposed to leave their home shack and prove they can do emergency radio. A professional laserist should understand this perfectly. From W8ISS Enjoy:


    Here in Michigan, (QRP)Portable is considered to be operating from your ice
    fishing shanty ablaze around you while being hogtied, and can only send CW with
    the wires hooked between the top and bottom teeth. Don't forget that antenna
    pointing is dependent on how good you can control your spin and getting
    started again on your belly while holding the rope between your toes.

    Did I mention that that Ice sheet your operating on is being chewed up by that
    Great Lake ghost freighter barreling down upon you also?

    End Quote.


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    Sounds like an average day at work for me Steve; just need to add being 'tased' with problems by the workforce and customers.

    Merry Christmas by the way

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    I thought field day was in June?

    I am the designated 40M operator... I love making contacts between the big broadcast stations

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    They still run HF on field day? It's been years for me but the weather was better then.
    What with VHF & UHF plus repeaters, I thought that would be the way to go for most disasters. Still a fun thing to do.
    HMike (WA0BMP)

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