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Thread: Das Blinken Lights.

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    Default Das Blinken Lights.

    See, heres what happens:

    I get fed up with lasers... Then i find common household items that make the most beautiful images...

    Then im hooked again.

    If you have read to this point then you didnt click the link... Check it out already!

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    Default Lumina effect...

    Wow! That is cool! Nothing more than a crystal glass and a slow turntable, eh? Neat...

    How much power are you running there at each wavelength?

    You *MUST* bring this setup to the SELEM this summer dude... I want to see that with my own eyes!


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    yeah, sweet Spec!

    You showed it to my 'live' over the webcam when I was at schoool. But now I was able to see how you actually managed to do it. Very cool idea : and looking great!

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