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Thread: Buy outs...manu level

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    Default Buy outs...manu level

    Has anyone else noticed the corporate buy-outs that have been occurring lately? JDS-Lightwave Electro-Casix. Seems if someone is cornering the manu facility scene. Spec do you have a take on this? Something is the laser world of manu's........does not seem good. FDA behind it? I wonder the final outcome of all the $ changing hands having effects on the final product quality. Market strategy? Looks like someone is going to make a BOLD statement in the DPSS laser field. Looks like the market is changing to meet the needs of ???????
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    Crap... I missed this thread in the "cookie wars of 2006"... Anywho.

    I think the problem is simpler than that.

    I think they are all going broke and want out... Uniphase got a massive govt contract for the NIF laser... So I *think* they are awash with extra cash and are just buying up everything for, as you stated, "future marketing strategy"

    FDA really doesnt slap manus, they are too busy tracking down idiots with pointers, and even for that the CDRH is massively understaffed.

    I personally think China is gearing up to become a big player in photonics...

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