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    Even though I've spent my whole working life in electronics, I'm new to laser technology.
    Can I ask some possibly stupid questions, the answers might already be posted somewhere on the forum so forgive me for asking again.
    I want to experiment with some laser diodes with the intention of eventualy producing a small RGB laser projector. Rather than spending an eternity experimenting and turning lasers to LEDS, can anyone give some general advice please.
    I'm lucky enough to have access to salvaged laser diodes from CD burners and Blue ray payers.
    can someone tell me
    1. will these diodes be suitable. i.e will the beam have sufficient intensity and will it be focused?
    2. If so will these drivers be suitable? as they seem too cheap to be true. b8e5

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    Default welcome

    welcome to the forum
    a good start for a noob would be go read the whole of this web site
    then come ask specific questions we will be happy to help
    as for the laser driver it might do for a stater to play with but sooner or later
    you going to want an analog driver when you start building a projector
    dr lava on this forum sells a good anlog driver also there are a lot of guys that sell alsorts of laser related goodies on here
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