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    Hi all probably in the wrong section but i have just started with a laser for my disco and i am using Moncha (all i could afford at the mo) i have seen a frame on you tube using the same laser as mine of a eagle flying from a rock and back and assumed it would be installed on my laser but it isn't any one any ideas where i can get this frame/show from many thanks in advance

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    Hi... and welcome!

    I have Moncha 2.1 and it's a decent starter program but is pretty limited in what is available for it as far as frames. I've since moved on to much more sophisticated (and expensive) software from Pangolin. They make a basic program similar to Moncha called Quickshow and a more robust program called LD2000 which is more comparable with Fiesta, made by Showtacle, the same company that makes Moncha. You'll find a majority of the users here have a preference for Pangolin. The graphic frame you are looking for is contained in the software distributed with the LD2000. It's been featured in a show called America set to music by Simon and Garfunkel. I don't honestly know how to convert a frame created with LD2000 into a format that Moncha is going to be able to display. I'm sure there is a multi-step, convoluted way that someone with more experience than I can offer. But, I'm afraid there won't be a simple solution. You may have to excercise some artistic talent in Moncha Draw and try to recreate it. I quite frankly suck at it at the moment but, I'm learning. The other thing we unfortunately all learn is that this is an expensive little hobby. Within a matter of a month or two, I had to move on from Moncha to the better software from Pangolin and I, just this evening, upgraded to my second new laptop and docking station because the first one was underpowered. It can be rewarding but frustrating, and cause your wallet to severely vibrate.

    Keep asking questions! And again, welcome!

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    Laser artwork (ILDA frames) are copyrighted works. Some people have released their works for free so anyone can use them in their shows. But that flying eagle animation that comes with Pangolin is copyrighted, so it would be illegal to export it to Moncha (even if such an export were allowed with the software, which is isn't.)

    Fortunately, there are lots of free files available on the PL FTP server. Also, there are auto-tracing programs available that can help you convert pictures to laser artwork. And Dr Lava sells software called "ILDA-SOS" that will convert vector drawings (and animations) to ILDA artwork. So there are lots of possibilities out there for you to explore.


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    If you want to try QuickShow, you can download a demo here:

    You won't be able to output any beams though as its tied to its own proprietory DAC.

    You will however, be able to play to your hearts content on the desktop.

    As Adam said, all of the content is copyright and cannot be copied or exported.

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