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Thread: noob saying hi, short (maybe not) intro

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    Default noob saying hi, short (maybe not) intro

    hi everyone, i've been lurking (ok i've posted too) on this forum for a few weeks and thought i should really properly introduce myself. sorry in advance if this intro is all over the place (and i tend to be verbose too, fair warning

    so my name is Alex and i'm from nyc (i live in brooklyn specifically, i don't think i have the new york accent but who knows anyway i've always thought lasers were some of the most impressive (yet still simple-looking) technology around and i guess you could also say that by trade i AM a technologist of sorts too.. (mainly IT specifically systems engineering, mostly unix). even got a standard red laser pointer a decade ago but it seems mostly everyone here is on another level than that, and i would aspire to be there some day, so i've been reading and reading (and occasionally posting the sometimes too opinionated comment) here and there. one other thing about me, i LOVE to learn new things, this kind of mental stimulation is a key to my happiness.. transforming myself into a knowledge-sponge is a great passtime for me.

    as to what brought me here, well i first was reading LPF and i thought it was a good forum too but i think this forum is more in-tune with what i am/have become interested in lately, laser shows. music is an enormous part of my life and to be able to complement that visually is very interesting to me. i also dj as a hobby (but sadly not anywhere at a professional level), but again, anything music related is probably going to get my attention a few weeks ago my friend wanted to throw a party/event for new years eve, and i was in charge of the technical stuff (getting equipment/asking other friends i know to dj too/etc). i thought how can we make this more than just a regular party and i thought lighting would be key, so i started doing research.

    so basically after learning a bit about lighting, control via dmx, i decided lasers would be the best way to make this event stand out. i've been to a few events myself that had laser scanners and they've always impressed me so i wanted to achieve something similar. although i did some research and knew what i was getting myself into, i still went and bought a laserworld projector RGB(V) 500mw and set out to learn how to control it via dmx for a mix i planned to play.. i got the projector for a decent price i think (maybe 20-25% of retail?) and yes being as how its laserworld, i'm not expecting much

    long story short, the nye event was a success, but was far from perfect.. complications in people's schedules meant i didn't get to play my mix, but the lasers were a big hit (i made sure to position the projector to aim the lasers and mostly NOT scan where people's eyes were and reflect any stray beams away from the audience).

    in any case, this experience has got my appetite wet for more, i definitely intend to build my own projector one day when i learn more (just gonna poke around the insides of the laserworld for now to get a sense of how it all fits together).. creating something with your own hands always fascinated me and i wish i could do this more.. plus learning more i intend and love to do! already have a sound card dac on order i'll be assembling (have basic soldering skills, maybe not that great, but practice makes perfect right?) and have win xp installed on my virtualbox (i'm a unix/mac guy) ready to dive into what ilda can achieve.

    to wrap this up, i read on another thread about how it might be a good idea to go to a LEM to see in person what else can be done, and seeing as how i'm from NYC, i don't see any (too close) events happening near me.. wondering if anyone of knows any? maybe i can visit ctlasers some time (about a two hour drive).. another (wacky) idea is, i have a lot of vacay time at my day job and i need to use it (or lose it), and i was already considering visiting cali late jan/feb and it turns out they're doing a socal lem there.. hmmmmm any other ideas?
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    Welcome! Boy, I thought I wrote the occasional novel! No worries - all good stuff. You're in the right place. And attending a LEM is a GREAT idea. I'm relatively new to this too and went to my first one after about a month or two of finding this board. I HIGHLY suggest you mark your calendar for August 19-21 and plan a trip south to the wilds of North Carolina for SELEM 2011. It's not a bad trip, maybe 9 hours for you. It draws well from all over the US and is one of the largest gatherings. That might be a bit far off so looking for another one before that is understandable. Marc at CT Lasers would be a valuable person to touch base with as well.

    Hold on to your wallet.... this is gonna be a bumpy ride!


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    Cool Yo, Brooklyn! :)

    Heya Alex - Welcome to The Wild Wakky Werld that-is PL...

    Thanks for making the time to 'introduce' yerself - think it's a really great-way to make friends / contacts, here....

    Quote Originally Posted by cynikal View Post
    hi everyone...i'm from nyc...brooklyn specifically..i don't see any (too close) events happening near me..
    Yeah, no 'NELEM's on the horizon, however, we (my Co.) have an office / hub / shop in Rochester, upstate from ya, and a few Xs a year, I'm up there, for a bit, when we have East-coast gigs, etc, and I'd be happy to try and 'coordinate' a visit / chat, etc, sometime...

    If during June > Sept., I can possibly arrange for a 'tour' of one of my old 'stompin-grounds', a large-scale permament laser-install, there in Roch, "High Falls"...

    ...I worked there as a tech, back in '94/95, when it was a production of 'Stone Mountain Lasers', from Georgia...since, redesigned and currently run by one of their former-employees / laser-engineers... over 75 Watts (total) of Laser-power, there, and one heck of a show!

    Meantime, you should hook up with your 'practical-neighbor', VJ AIWAZ, Sir John L. ...Great guy, and loves to chat lasers and tech and such, and he's right there in Brookie ... I'm fairly-certain he'd be down with a visit, etc, pending his sched, etc...

    Quote Originally Posted by cynikal View Post
    ..i was already considering visiting cali late jan/feb and it turns out they're doing a socal lem there.. hmmmmm
    Don't think - just get on a jet, Man! JFK > LAX, is fairly-cheap, and you'll learn all sorts of stuff from the 'Kats', here, and I'm sure will have a great time...
    Will-be posting 'group-rate' hotel info, there, asap...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bradfo69 View Post
    Hold on to your wallet....
    ...what's a 'wallet'? Is that where you wear your hair short on the sides, but real long in the back? ... jk, I hear ya....

    Great to meet ya, Alex! Hope to see ya out here, or in Roch, sometime...
    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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    hey Alex

    Jon is correct i am also located in Brooklyn (gerritsen beach near sheepshead bay)

    if you want to get in contact my number is located on my website

    Technological Artisans

    and oh yea Jon look i finally got control of the website (and already edited all the contact info)


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