several small parts are flying over all over the world, coming slowly my way, which means that i cannot start working on my modules yet, so i have time to think things over

so i'd like to ask a theoretical question, that's why i post this in "the lounge". i have come to accept that i will not be attempting a "home-brew" green dpss, so i might be looking for a ready made module in maybe six months time.

the question is "following the general unwritten rule of 1 usd per mW (give or take), which are the best bang for the buck modules out there? cni, laserwave, viasho, dhom, other?" i'm looking for 500mw, analogue modulated

i can understand that it is a somewhat sensitive topic as many or all of the above view/post this forum, so i am not looking to start a debate, i just need opinions from end users that have actually tried some or all of the above, if they kindly wish to answer

thanks in advance,