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Thread: mixedgas off the radar

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    Default mixedgas off the radar

    Say, has anyone heard from mixedgas (Steve) i hope he's alright

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    do you not get on here often ?
    he posted he would be off for a while he has very sick mom to worry about
    and prayers were requested
    When God said “Let there be light” he surely must have meant perfectly coherent light.

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    Thank you for your concerns and prayers.

    Mom is home and safe. When she is in the hospital, due to the nature of her illness, I have to stay there pretty much, except to sleep. I need to clean up some bad messes and get some rest. I need to see if she can stay by herself, and avoid temptations such as driving in snow or after dark, or snow shoveling when I'm not here.

    I'm a disaster, a trainwreck right now, and it will be a while before I can do more then just check my PMs.

    She seems to have recovered, but I need to see what she can do on a day we are not snowed in before I make any decisions or comments.


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