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Thread: Quick turn-around machining

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    Default Quick turn-around machining

    Hi all,

    Over the next few months we will need some quick turn-around machining done. The kind of thing where we send a print to someone, they receive it, machine the parts, and send them to us within a day or two after that.

    I know there are some folks here on PL that do machining, or have or work in a machine shop. Please contact me here on PL or by email if you can do some quick work like this, or if you know of a shop that does quick turn-around work.

    Best regards,

    William Benner

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    Well that is possible. It depends on what it is and how tough it is to machine. most machine shops will not talk to you unless it is at least $500. And then if you want it tomorrow it will be more. It is just like pcb's you can have boards in 24 hours but you are going to have to pay for it.

    Send me a pm and let me know what kind of things we are talking about.


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    Hi Chad,
    speak of the devil.

    I was just half way through an email reply to Bill about this question.
    But I got in trouble with my girlfriend because I was late for going out for dinner.

    I put your name forward as a possibility. I was real impressed with your flexure mounts.

    Stay tuned Bill, incoming email when I get home from dinner

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