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Thread: Blue 473nM DPSS Units. Lasever.

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    Default Blue 473nM DPSS Units. Lasever.

    Up for sale: "The Mystical lasever units that I paid for in November that have been in limbo for 3 months"

    All are new 473nM units.

    They NEED to be attached to a good heatsink. If they get too warm they nosedive in power, similar condition as all other import 473's I have played with.

    Dont expect Melles Griot units here, These are Chinese in origin.

    145mW 2mm .5mrad Locked TEM00 after warmup

    130mW 1mm, 1mrad Locked TEM00 after warmup

    225mW 2mm, .5mrad Locked TEM01 after warmup

    10K analog modulation at full power, 30k analog modulation at reduced power. Also has TTL.

    Full 1 year warranty through Lasever, the manufacturer.

    $1700 USD Ea for the 135 or 145mW units

    $2400 USD for the 225mW

    As usual, you cover paypal fees(4%) and actual shipping costs.

    I am slightly negotiable on price, expecially if you have neat toys. Im a sucker for neat toys.


    EDIT: Posting a link to alt.lasers
    EDIT: Contact Info: PM me here or email me at "My Username @ This Domain .com"
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    Hi Robert,

    I saw your post on alt-lasers.

    You said you might be interested in trade goods.

    Wondering if you're interested in some ND-YAG doped glass slabs from the Lawrence Livermore lab ( Shiva Laser used in laser fusion experiments).

    I also have a Lee Laser diode pumped ND-YAG head rated at 20 watts 1064 nM

    and huge flashlamps 52 Inches long.

    A 200 Joule Ruby laser (needs repair).

    An industrial high power ND-YAG laser made by IE Optomech in U.K. never used, mint, complete.

    An Spectra-Physics 164 Argon Ion laser head doing 6 watts.

    A lexel 95 Argon laser doing over 2 watts, complete with power supply.

    An infra-red viewer (home-made).

    Laser power meters by Coherent, Ophir, etc...

    He-Ne lasers, AOM's, solid state chiller 270 watts with closed loop pumps, q-switches.

    Any interest


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    Update: The reason why im trying to quicksell is that a couple bills blindsighted me this month.

    These are not "pot modded" lasers. They are at the output put there by Lasever. I dont "pot mod" lasers as I would prefer longer life over a few extra mW.

    135mW - $1600 Shipped.
    145mW - $1600 Shipped.

    Had a couple questions about the beam quality of the 225mW one:

    Heres what the beam looks like from the side, you can see the mode.

    And heres the beam expanded through a laser diode collimator on the wall. My camera doesnt do these high intensity pictures well. No where near that rough in real life. Would be glad to try and take better pictures if requested.

    In consideration of how this might mess up a homebrew whitelight projector:

    $2100 Shipped.

    As stated above, all are new, all carry a 1 year warranty from Lasever, diodes are rated at 10,000 hours, analog at >10k

    Shipped prices are for US sales, International shipping will be a few dollars more.

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    How about a pair of compaciters
    they are rated for 80KVDC

    Daniel the great, master of time, space and, ferrous metals

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