Hello everyone I got 5 tips that prove usefull in animating, rendering and modelling in 3ds max.

- Disable Rendering preview window (speeds up rendering)
1. go to the render settings
2. scroll down to render output
3. Untick: Rendered Frame Window

- Have a mixer? Make use of it with the motion capture feature!
(speeds up animating)
Motion capture yes, assigning expressions (morph targets) or lip movement to specific knobs and sliders and then activating the motion capture function speeds up your workflow.
Do practice well and the results improve, it's not more accurate then doing it by hand (what I do)
but it can prove usefull in situations where you have less time.

- Saving and closing 3ds max (recommended when having strange slowdowns / lag)
at times when opening many 3ds max programs one after another or sometimes just a few. Can cause 3ds max to go slower and have a lower fps in the preview window.
This is off course not nice to work with.

- Isolate specific parts that work on in the preview window (makes modeling less frustrating)
Loads of vertexes and polygons or blocking objects can be a pain while modelling or animating.
So hide all unselected objects by selecting the option when right clicking the preview screen.

- when animating with rigs: hide the mesh! (faster animating and less frustrating)