I am sale my DPSS 25mW@532nm.

It is in perfect state.

Power supply: 12V,
TTL Modulation integrated
(l'alim et la getion TTL sont neuves)

It is oc thanks to Peltier (it should be approximately put at 19C)




Without Peltier, it is with approximately 8mW, the management of Peltier is not included!!!! it should be done would be same
I sells it fresh 150 port not included


I also sells my amplifier ES (a dac// is integrated) with my Keiser scanner,

Amplifier :

it is the rack of the top, 2u

One sees the scanner on that it:

I sell the amplifier + Scanner, for 190 port not included

* the LOT
* Diode + Ampli/DAC + Scanner
* [#ff1c00]325[/#ff1c00]
* port not included

Scuse me for my poor english