I have a Lexel 95 Argon Ion laser with multimode optics doing over 2 watts.
Unit requires 3 phase power 208 VAC per phase and water cooling.
It has both current and light mode feedback for power control.
Laser also includes oven for Etalon and I can include the temperature control card and Etalon for those who want to do Holography and want loooooong coherence length.
I was only able to provide 25 amps due to the limit of my homemade phase converter and I measured over 2 watts optical power with factory calibrated Ophir DGHH meter.
If you can supply full 35 amps I'm sure this tube will get close to 4 watts output.
It produces 5 lines TEMoo . A great class 4 laser. Slighty over 1000 hours on meter.
Manual included with power supply and complete schematics.
Asking $2,500 US or best offer

Open to trading , want to build DPSS white light laser.