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Thread: Well. Time to move forward. Cue music. What... that music sucks. Fire the director.

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    Default Well. Time to move forward. Cue music. What... that music sucks. Fire the director.

    Well, I guess that cat is out of the bag. Buffo; You staunch and steadfast bastard; congrats. You have seeded the unlikely, forced my hand and made me completely incapable of of seeing this current course of action as anything other than desperately needed at the worst possible time for the potential betterment of a future that involves making a difference. It's been years since I've felt like I have been able to accomplish anything and you, you magnificent bastard, knew just how to hit me over the head with a shovel to facilitate the process.

    Fuck you, but thank you, I mean it, SRSLY <3 (no homo)

    K. So, as evident; Life has been progressively and increasingly rough over the past long while... That last post I made a while ago coupled with the kindness and generosity of the people here who raised a non-trivial amount of money has gone a long way to facilitating me descrewing myself. I've finally been able to see a light of some sort at the end of the tunnel and whether that light is the laser sight on a high powered rifle aimed at my head or a "hey, it's cool" beacon is up for discussion. I suppose the only way to find out is to move toward it and see what the hell happens.

    I am in the "late stage" planning phase of uprooting myself from this cesspool and moving to another place that might not be a cesspool. Through the kindness and generosity of DSLIJon, who is a very good person, I have a landing pad somewhere In the LA/San Diego area... When I get there my goal is to "make shit happen" - Time will tell if I am just off my rocker or if I can actually do it. I like to think that I am capable but past experience has been a cruel mistress in that regard.

    I'll also finally be able to meet a lot of you out that way... I had no idea that the west coast was a veritable hot-bed of laserdorkery... This *might* actually be fun.

    Furthermore, we can pretend that none of this ever happened and my sole purpose of heading out there is the LEM so if you are on the fence about SoCaLEM... I'm driving 2500 miles, whats your excuse?

    Seriously though. Buffo sent out a PM to what looks like everyone and their mother after I spoke with him on the phone yesterday. If I was on the fence at that point, I can't be now... Besides: I might be able to make some magic happen out west.

    Long story short, err, shorter - This is my proposed path. Ignore "B" - It was to route the path from i40 to i10 with the exception of a stint on 8 out CA way... There are a few people closer to Arizona that I would like to visit and hopefully crash at their place while I "recover" from what will be 3 12 hour driving sessions back to back. Sugeek, Swamidog... It will be awesome to finally meet you.,66.357422&z=4

    If you are anywhere on this path, or near this path and can offer a rest-stop/couch/shower/food/company/conversation, by all means do. The way I see it... what's a hundred some odd miles off the path when looking at 2500, give or take.

    I know there are a pile of you in texas and a couple in Alabama like Mo and Skuka... Maybe we can meet up or something, that would be great.

    So far I have been hit in the face with a paypal shovel from Mikkojay, Simon Mills, Sugeek, SBK, Ian of blueyonder, daguin, norty303, and an escape hatch courtesy of heroic... You people have made this go from a "Maybe I can make it" thing to a "Maybe I can deal with something in the jeep exploding on the way there" thing... Thank you all, seriously. And I plan on talking to everyone I can when I get there to have a rough idea of where to go after this... And what better place to meet like-minded people than a LEM, heh. Sorry to my east coast ninjas... This greatly complicates making the journey to future FLEM and SELEM events... but I will try assuming things clear up.

    While this isn't a "Sane and calculated" decision in the slightest... It has more potential to "make better" than staying here and trying to do the right thing...

    So I suppose time will tell and in the next couple of days after I finally put my foot on the gas in reverse to get up this unnatural and ultimately useless driveway here a neural network of supporting peers will have materialized along the way.

    What else is there to say... I honestly have no idea... But it's a start. I just hope that I don't disappoint anyone over there any more than I have disappointed myself here... That would be too much. Also, in the trip I will try to keep in contact with people and will probably benefit from random phone calls and what not, so if you just want to chat, keep me sane or use that time to yell at me about how PL sucks and the 15 character limit should be revoked, loudly... by all means. Just shoot me a message in the next day or so and I'll put my number out there or ask Buffo, he's got it.

    My current email and paypal address is admin(at)photonlexicon(dot)com - I don't know how often I will be able to check my email or what not, but if you feel like shooting an email or some fuel over, by all means, please do. As buffo stated: Every little bit helps and I hope to hear from some of you very soon, especially those along the route

    And yes, while this whole GTFO process is not something that can be roughly classified as sane: Contingency plans have been made for PL in the event of a catastrophic error along the route. Philosophically speaking; The ability for me to try and make things better is due in no small part to the community that resides here and in the event of something terribly bad happening to the janitor; It deserves the same fighting chance it has afforded me.

    Once again: I look forward to hearing from you, just please be patient if I find it difficult to devote the time to respond that it warrants, I'll be quite busy and a basketcase for the next few days. My first marker to reach is getting stuff here squared away and then securing friendly lodging on the route... So if you can help, please do or if you know of someone along the way that doesn't check the board all that often please shoot them a link to this thread.


    TL;DR - Read it anyways.

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    wow good luck with this
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    You'll love it out west. I look forward to hearing of your success, which I believe is inevitable.


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    Aw shit dude... My eyes teared up a bit reading all that. I don't think I've ever felt so warm after being called a magnificent bastard. Here's a totally non-gay virtual hug in return: <3

    You said on the phone that you felt like a leech asking for assistance. Let me tell you something: I feel like a leech every time I log in here (going on 5 years now) and realize that this place is here for me to enjoy only because *you* created it, and are still maintaining it. Ok, sure, we've got people subscribing now, and that helps pay the hosting bill, but how many years did you run PL without any financial assistance whatsoever? And you think you're leeching? You've got to be shitting me...

    Everyone here is pulling for you. We all want you to succeed. And while everyone might not be in the same position to help, we can all do something. Kudos to everyone who has agreed to help out, either via paypal or via offering a place to stay for the night along your route. And major Kudo's to DSLI-Jon for agreeing to host you for a while until things turn up.

    To those people who I may have forgotten to send a PM to: please don't take it as a slight. I tried to stick to people who had recently posted, since Spec is planning to leave soon. Also, my memory isn't what it used to be, so it's quite possible that I missed more than a few people. Sorry about that!

    But now that the cat is out of the bag, there's no reason to feel left out. Please - if you can afford to help out, do so. Even if it's just a small amount. Lots of small donations can still add up to the difference between him making it and him not making it, especially if he has car trouble during the 2,200 mile trip. (In a 15 year old vehicle, no less!)

    And Robert: You get your ass out there and I promise you'll be able to make things happen. Honestly, you've always been good at that. You just need to get out of the black hole that is the economy of Georgia right now. And if your spirits need lifting, there are plenty of like-minded laserists out there who can feed your need for coherent light, should the desire arise.

    Peace, brother...


    PS: Ninja edit here: Regarding Quazar's question of flying vs driving... This is a permanent change of location, so he has to move all of his belongings with him, including his car. That gets expensive. So in this case, driving really is his best option.

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    I wish you all the very best; it is no small thing to rip up your roots like this.

    Just bear in mind; home sickness is an evil bar-steward that conveniently forgets all the bad shit, it rose tints memories. So long as you remember this fact you can keep the mofo in check (been there).

    I have just been chatting about your venture with Mrs of blueyonder and she sends her very best wishes too

    All the best Ian

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    Sending fuel funds....enjoy the trip and the new faces and places. You will fair well in your venture...Godspeed Mr Admin....
    Let me know if there is anything I can help with...anytime. That's always been on the table.
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    HOLY CRAP!!!! Good luck boss, you will find the change energizing.
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    Best of luck and I wish you every success. Fuel/gas is on its way.


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    Good luck! I moved from TX to NC and then to another place in NC with the last year and a half. Life is too short to stay where you don't want to be. Congrats for making life happen instead of just letting it happen to you.

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    good luck dude... you know I would send you some $$$ but I lost my job Wednesday

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