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Thread: any virtualbox users on mac w/ audio dac here?

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    Default any virtualbox users on mac w/ audio dac here?

    I know this isn't the virtualbox help forum, but i figure i'd have more of chance of finding someone who may have the same set up that can give me a hand than on the vbox forum.. (and yes, i asked there as well).

    I have a mac runing snow leopard, 10.6.5, running virtualbox 4.0.2, with a windows xp sp3 guest. i got one of those audio card dacs, well i'm just having trouble getting windows to see the sound card. it's a cmedia 106.. parallels sees it no problem, but virtualbox otherwise gives me noticably better performance. i set up a usb filter, i ran virtualbox as root, no matter what, the 'usb sound device' is grayed out and not selectable under virtualbox for windows to be able to see/use the device.

    anyone else ran into this? i am doing the audio dac step by step, finished assembling it, finished getting the sound card.. need to get the sound card working first, then i can calibrate/tune the audio dac (it's an AudioLase and really nice) w/ the sound card (if i could only get the sound card working under windows).

    (update: i think this belongs in the help forum, oops.. mods feel free to move it there)
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