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Thread: Assortment of Newport mounts

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    Default Assortment of Newport mounts

    I acquired a bunch of lab equipment and these items were all included. I don't have a use, and was thinking I'd put it on ebay, and in researching what it might be worth, stumbled across your forums. Looks like most of this would be right up your alley(s), so I thought I'd post the list and see if anyone has any interest.

    I can provide pictures of anything anything might want, but didn't want to put up pics of everything without having an idea that there is some interest.

    I'm really just looking for offers, and would be happy with the average ebay prices for most of it, so feel free to offer away, and thanks for looking!

    1. 2x AC-1, 2x AC-2(one of them doesn't have the lens holder posts), 1 FH-2

    2. 423 Series Translation stage

    3. ULM-TILT

    4. ULM-TILT joined to 34 Rotatable platform which is joined to 423 translation stage and 340-RC

    5. 443 translation stage joined to 481-A rotation stage

    6. 2x 460A 3-Axis linear stage (1 of them has 3 micrometer actuators, and the other has 2 with the 3rd being a non-measuring screw adjustment)

    7. 4x 340-RC

    8. MB-3 magnetic base mount

    9. VPH-6 with what looks to be about a 14" post included

    10. VLH-3

    11. 2x 39 Series 2 axis tilt platforms

    12. MM-2A

    13. LP-05 mounted on a BP-4

    14. CYH-1

    15. 2x VPH-2 mounted on B-2

    16. AC-2 mounted on VPH-2 & B-2

    17. 443 Series translation stage missing actuator

    18. 600A-2R missing both actuators

    19. ULM-TILT mounted on 300-P

    20. 360 90 mounted on 340-RC including what looks like about a 15" post

    Non- Newport stuff

    21. 2x Starrett 262 Micrometer heads

    22. Fluke 80T-IR Infrared temperatur probe

    23. If anyone is interested, I have a bunch of GSI galvo's too - they are probably 15 years old, but NIB. Don't have the model # in front of me, but can get it if anyone has interest. probably 15-20 pieces, all identical.

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    Thanks for joining to sell your stuff, maybe fill out your least where you are from.

    I'll start the bidding @ $1oo.oo USD shipped.


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    More info on the galvo's

    They are all marked General Scanning, Inc., Watertown, MA - Model # Z2336

    I have 9 new in box, and a 10th, that isnt in a box, and looks like the mirror may have gotten some of the reflector scraped off.

    Here are a couple of pics -

    I really dont have much of an idea of what they are worth, so reasonable offers are welcome.


    Oh - and pics of the reset of the stuff are in the same photobucket album, if you want to look -

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimMpls View Post
    I'd put it on ebay, and in researching what it might be worth, stumbled across your forums.
    Mmmyeah, but this ain't eBay...

    You might try a holography-forum - likely, these parts will be more attractive for those apps.... just a thought...

    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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    Default will buy your surplus optical equipment

    I hope this post is appropriate for this forum. I'm replying to (username:) TimMpls's message regarding surplus lab equipment for sale. Please excuse me if this is not the proper forum. I happened across this listing on Google and found TimMpls's message regarding surplus equipment for sell.

    To the point: buys, sells and trades a wide range of high-tech equipment, and we specialize in fiber optics, fusion splicers, optical test equipment, optomechanics and more. We pay cash or will trade for anything we. All items used and refurbished items listed on are in stock. We prefer large lots of equipment to purchase but will buy one or two items if they are in good condition.

    Contact us with a list of what you have to sell or trade, description, helpful images, and your target price for each item or for the lot.

    Again, please excuse me if this is not an appropriate posting for this forum.


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