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Thread: Beware of Ebay seller

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    Default Beware of Ebay seller

    Ebay seller " ZEKEFREAK007 " aka Jacob Schmitt sold me a Lexel 95 etalon , oven and temperature control card with associated electonics components.
    I asked him to carefully pack all items and Insure it.
    The etalon crystal itself was not put back into the oven assembly where anyone with common sense would have packed it.
    Instead the crystal was left in a thin zip lock top plastic bag to bounce around inside the shipping box with the other Items that were half ass packed .
    I can't tell wether the crystal face was damaged when he removed it from the etalon oven or wether it was damaged in transit . I tend to think he either didn't know or didn't care what he was doing once he had the payment judging from his limited replies and failing to respond after I askd him to initiated a damage claim with the USPS.
    He had lost the copy of the shipping form so I emailed him pictures and that is the last that I have heard from the scammer.
    The etalon facet that is supposed to face towards to inside of the laser resonator has a mark slightly of center that I have been unable to remove by using laser grade solvents. I have not tried installing it to see how it performs but have serious doubts and suspect that it will be compromised and reduce efficiency at best. I will likely have to pay to have it repolished .

    stay away from this seller.
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    You can file a claim as well as the shipper.

    In a case like this I would recommend doing so.

    That way the insurance claim check can be issued in your name.

    Just a thought.

    At least with ebay and paypal you can get your money back.

    If you have a bad feeling about it I'd start a paypal claim sooner rather than later.

    I have had people not send me stuff and when I won my paypal claim they didn't give me my money because the seller had dropped out.

    I'll often pay with a credit card through paypal for just this reason.

    Sorry to hear that happened to you.

    Ebay can net you some great steals or a real hassle, especially when there are no phone numbers to talk to someone about your issue and they tend to give replies like "Your case will be resolved within 45 days."

    Good luck and thanks for the heads up.

    I almost bought a $265 green module from axis...whatever until I heard Marconi and someone else complain about their service and product.


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    Hi Ryan,

    Yes you can a treasure but sometimes you get burned too.

    In regards to Paypal ( Ebay bought them out ) I don't trust them either.
    Anyone who lives outside of the USA and think Paypal is going to bail them out with some sort of garranty is out of luck.
    I once purchased an Item using Paypal and found out they could not verify my physical address (that would be applicable to anyone outside the USA).
    This means that the seller can refuse shipping as was the case for me.
    I had to make a loan for $1350 US and Paypal held my funds for 60 days si i was forced to apy bank interest while Paypal held my money and collected interest income screwing me royally.
    I refuse to use Paypal and cancelled my account after that incident.
    Want to learn more visit " " and beware .
    Paypal might be convenient for the buyer but the seller must pay fees.
    I had to get dinged by 2 fees for each transaction and a 3rd insult by lower than normal currency exchange . *uck Paypal.

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    Yes paypal sucks indeed.

    i use it primarily as a seller and they have burned me twice on chargebacks.

    Funding the transaction with a credit card gives you the protection of that card. Your own card company will hold the funds and do a good investigation.

    If you live outside the US I suggest trying that.

    Paypal sucks indeed.

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    Paypal cover their arses. Sadly, there's nothing else to expect, it's the price we pay for an open way to trade, same therefore going for eBay. It's not exactly the Wild West, but it's similar, the freedom is great, but so are the risks, and the only way it will change is if we lose that freedom to extreme regulation and enforcement.

    I had a dispute with a seller, and was lucky. Paypal was obdurate, I never got a response from the same person twice, either. Some were great, but what use is a chain so broken that no two links are linked? In the end, I cancelled the dispute, after telling the seller life was too short for grudges and disputes. He was so relieved he paid me my requested refund within the hour.

    One eBay seller I'll vouch for is Adrian Feudale, now trading as Alltech Solutions. While one of five Lambdapro lasers I bought was so bad I had to send it back, the rest were good, and Adrian has never let me down at any point since the first sale over two years ago.

    Regarding cards, my two cents are: use them to pay, never accept them when being paid. It's a stupidly paradoxical idea, but it works in practise. There are always better ways to reassure a buyer than passing the buck for failure to their credit card company.

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    Thanks for the kind words. We always try our best to support our customers.

    I was recently informed of these forums by one of our clients and I signed up so that we could provide direct support to any of our clients and those of our two main product lines - Lambda Pro and CNI.

    Anyone with questions about these products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Adrian @

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    I Also have had a Great relationship with Adrian, and the Lambda pro Green laser i have. He has always been very helpful and quick !!! I can Highly recommend his company... There will always be bad lasers, supplies, componants out there, but it really is how the company acts to get you up and running again that makes all the difference to me.... Alltech Solutions is providing some fine service and lasers to us all! Thanks!


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