I have a Ruby Laser made by Optics Technology in Palo Alto ,California , model MK II.
It has 2 intact healthy looking flashlamps and a a Ruby rod polished flat and coated for HR & OC so no external optics required.
I did some repairs to the variac power control but I found one broken wire deep inside. Without schematics and a fiberscope it's hard to discover where it was attached.
This was used as a laser Photocoagulator (welding detached retinas, stop bleeding bloodvessels by cauterizing etc...
If I read the power meter correctly, this thing can do 200 Joules and has a huge storage capacitor.
As reverse engineering is very time consuming, I'm selling it as is because i have too many projects and far from retirement to work on them.
The whole laser is cooled by a vacuum cleaner type air extractor and has a fiber optics cable for targeting (generally a low power He-Ne was used to point the surgeon to the target before firing the Ruby laser).
It's build into a nice cube in a solid composite metal cabinet, weighing about 80 Lbs. The Ruby rod is mounted in a small handpiece that's attached via a 3 foot umbilical cable and meant to connect the patient eye surgery headpiece.
Asking $400 minimum and up to negotiating cash and trade goodies If something interests me.
One could extract the Ruby rod, flashlamps charge cap, pulse forming network and redesign If they can't wait to reverse engineer the beast.