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Thread: LGP Returns from Photonics West!

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    Wink LGP Returns from Photonics West!

    Hello All,

    It has been a busy couple months and I am glad to finally share with the forum some awesome developments.
    For many on the forum that do not know me or what I do….

    I am a full time optical engineer and design barcode scanners (laser and imaging based)
    An awesome job that challenges me in more disciplines of optics than one would think. A dream job for me!

    For more than 12 years now I have been visiting several local schools delivering education laser shows and demonstrations. Like many things…. It’s something that started out small and turned into something huge and extremely special.

    This past summer… after all of these years of volunteering my programs... SPIE generously supported me with an outreach grant to help improve my shows and demonstrations. I used these funds to finally purchase my seat in pangolin. Moving me from ADAT to Pangolin I can now write and produces educational shows myself. The breast cancer awareness module I released awhile back was my first go at a pangolin programmed show.

    Back in August SPIE invited me to perform one of my educational demonstrations at the “Optics Outreach Olympics” at the SPIE Optics-Photonics conference in San Diego… I was finally able to meet the amazing staff from SPIE and was able to speak with members of the student chapters about optics outreach. This was an AWESOME experience!
    Soon after this interaction I was extended an offer to become a member of the SPIE educational committee… I now hold a position on this committee.

    Early December I received another invitation to again travel to California to set up my lasers at the North Hall stairway entrance to Photonics West 2011! The display was a simple one with basic information for conference attendee’s to view while traveling down the escalator. However, SPIE wanted to provide me more visibility and find more ways to support my efforts. I was able to invest in some laser upgrades as well! =)

    Thanks to one of our favorite members from CT Lasers (Marc) I made my purchase for some new lasers.
    Due to the long lead time on the quality Kvant products… Marc actually stuck his neck out to loan me some lasers for this gig until I received my own. MARC IS THE MAN!!!!

    Anyways… It has been an amazing past couple months and awesome developments for something I have been working so long and hard for. SPIE is an amazing origination and truly supports the need to educate the community about this awesome science of optics and photonics. I believe I have started a long lasting relationship with SPIE.

    I never had any nice beauty shots to share of my rig but I made sure I took a bunch at Photonics West…
    I built this projector from scratch… Again, these lasers were loaners and not the final bolt in solution =)


    BTW… Pangolin was also at the Photonics West show and I finally got to meet Bill and Justin in person for the first time. As I suspected…. Awesome guys! I was also glad to see they were really making out well with their Lasorb product! =)
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