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Thread: overfilled spectraphysics-168

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    Unhappy overfilled spectraphysics-168

    i have a question about my spectraphysics sp-168 ar/kr
    ive had problems with low pressure, so ive tried to add gas
    to the tube from the bell. but the voltage never raised above 230v.
    and now last weekend after being turned on for like 6h at 35A
    it went over 242v (@30A)
    what should i do to get it down to 235v?
    i guess its over filled
    other times ive only used it for 2-3h

    please help me


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    run it...dont worry that is not too high..the spec is 237 to 243 vdc at 34 amps field max( if memory serves me correctly) just run it often and enjoy the light.
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