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Thread: Miniature Laser projectors by IPMS being developed in 2006 f

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    Default Miniature Laser projectors by IPMS being developed in 2006 f

    Checkout this up and coming development in Germany.
    They hope to have a full color miniature laser projector capable of VGA 640 x 480 at 50 hz refresh with 256 levels of pixel brightness by the end of 2006.
    See " "

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    The tech that they're using is resonant scanning, which would
    imply that the power the of the laser is spread over the full scan
    area... Which I'd assume makes the the resulting image very dim...

    The advantages would be scanner size and focusing, compared
    to a classical DLP or LCD projector, but the laser costs to present
    a resonably bright display would probably be outrageous...

    I'd bet that LED w/ DLP based projection slaughters the unit
    in size, resolution, brightness, scalability and cost.

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    Yes, there are a number of systems that use dual-axis resonant technique. I was actually involved as a consultant in 2002 in one such development. It worked very well, but never got off the ground in terms of resulting in a product that people actually wanted to buy. There are always alternatives that do not use a laser which are usually less expensive and less complex. History will decide how this one does...

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