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Thread: Scanners & 445 qaud.

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    Laser Warning Scanners & 445 qaud.

    Hello ppl..

    been a long time since i was here but been really bussy with work.

    I got a show coming up soon and would like to build a satelite for my main laser.

    Im looking for a ready to go 445 Quad wich can output atleast 3Watt of 445 if thats even possible?

    Also im looking to buy a new pair of scanners.
    Im think about laserworld 50K as i have used them before but i guess i could go for laserwave or any other in the same pricerange.

    so. if someone is interested in building a quad with flexmod drivers and 445diodes with propper mounts and optics please alow me to pay for it. i will pay for the products needed and ofcourse something for the time put into the building.

    I could do this myself but interested to see some other designs and especially with PRISMs, as i havent used that myself.

    is anyone interested?

    thank you.

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    Ill send you a message a bit later today.

    KVANT Australian projector sales

    Lasershowparts- Laser Parts at great prices

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    Hello Rickard

    Send me a PM. I can build you a rocksolid 4watt system. Here,s a picture of a quad red tec cooled module that i made.
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