I have a high power (guessing 100 watts at least) never user mint condition ND-YAG industrial laser made by I E Optomech in the U.K.
It has a resonator cavity that measures 4 feet long X 5 " high X 5" wide.
The ND-YAG head is a composite of stainless steel and ceramic, very nice design.
It comes in 3 pieces, the laser resonator, the Laser controller and the closed loop cooling system. Unit was made for the Eurpean market and requires 3 phase power at 380 VAC.
You would have to build a cover for the resonator assembly or integrate it into an existing cabinet to keep dust away from the optics.
Laser also includes a q-switch made by Crystal- Tech so you can pulse the output and get nanosecond quantum jumps in peak power.
Original cost likely $40-50 K US or higher
Asking $8 K US or cash + trade for goods of interest to me.