I have a NEOS model 45050-15-6.5 deg, Acousto Optic Beam Deflector or AOBD for sale and or trade.
Original cost from NEOS was $3,500 US new
This particular model is good from 635 nM to near infra-red and can deflect a laser beam up to 6.5 degrees.
It would be ideal for someone who's serious about building a single color laser TV.
You would require about 3 watts RF , from 35 to 65 Mhz @ 50 ohms to drive it.
Recomend using a mini-circuits linear VCO + attenuator + RF power amp with the appropriate flat bandwidth to drive this crystal.
The AOBD can drive the horizontal and a galvo can ve used to drive the 60 Hz vertical. You should have a good understanding of TV operation and electronics to design and test this type of display as beam detection and synchronization play a crucial role in stable Imagery.
This device can be used for vector or raster applications.
Asking price $500 and or trade goods of interest to me.