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Thread: Anyone that can recommend a good CNC ?

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    Default Anyone that can recommend a good CNC ?

    i am looking for a CNC machine
    i have seen the CNC sable 2015 for 785,70 euro.
    this seems to be pretty cheap for a CNC. but i am looking for one with a range of 50x50x10 up to 100x100x10 cm range anyone that can recommend one for not too much money ?

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    What are you trying to do with it?

    Are you trying to machine metal or thin woods and plastic?


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    Laser Warning

    Hi Laserwinkel,

    I am building my own.
    At this moment i have a bought machine, it's doing 32x27,5x7cm but last week when i was sick at bed with backaches, you start thinking and i almost bought one, but that dude seem to be some sort of conmen'ish type, letting you wait very long selling broken stuff.
    So now i have decided to built my own.
    It will do 110x550x15 or something like that.
    Will start welding the frame in a few weeks, and order the stuff i need in the next 2 months.

    In the mean time i am learning stuff on my small machine.
    There is lots of stuff to learn you know, router bits, software, material stuff...
    Hopefully i will be able to engrave cool stuff, make my own front plates, and coolingblocks/cases.
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    Hobbybob, I agree. To say even more : there is a lot to learn about cutting metal in general.
    I had a year long course about it during my education at uni and I feel I have just skimmed the suface ...

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