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Thread: 4X + 2X combiner + drilled tapped baseplates

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    Default 4X + 2X combiner + drilled tapped baseplates

    Trying to clean out the shop. Selling off some prototype stuff.

    I have for sale a few base-plates 11" X 2" X .5" tapped with 8-32 every .5". There are also some random 6-32 holes on the top and 10-32 holes in the sides. These are anodized black. Good for test set-ups or a multi-diode project. $35 each. I also have 12mm clamping mounts that mount to the sides. When mounted to the base the beam centers are: .965, 1.125, 1.285. $3 each.
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    Next is a 2X combiner that was in a small rgb set-up. Beam height is aprox. 29mm. The diode mounts are electrically isolated from the base. The 3 axis kinematic mount has a lock screw on the third axis to keep things secure. The base is slotted so the mount can also move in a fourth dimension. The mount can hold a PBS or knife mirror (not included). There is a 4-40 hole to mount a flexmod driver at the rear. This was made quickly with spare parts so the machine work is not perfect. I used this for a long time with no problems. $65.
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    Next is a prototype 4 diode combiner. This is the first unit I made using a new concept. It is not super easy to align but stays put after it's aligned. I used 405-g-1 lenses (~4mm FL). I am not including these lenses with this sale. The buyer will have to supply the lenses. The beam specs are ~3.3 X 3.3mm at aperature with ~.9 mRad. The 4 LOC diodes in aixiz barrels are included (no warranty on the diodes). Subtract $40 if you don't need the PBS cube. $135.
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