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Thread: How to determine the polarisaton of a module? (to combine beams)

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    Laser Warning How to determine the polarisaton of a module? (to combine beams)

    Hi all,

    I would like to combine two red lasermodules to one big one for my RGB project.
    I have a PBS cube (bought from p1t8ull), some mounts and plan on buying two of THESE red modules.
    I know that the laser beams need to be perpendicular / orthogonal in polarisation whet hitting the PBS, but how do I determine the polarisation of these modules?

    Thank you in advance!


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    Default PBS combining

    Hello Ideas,

    I have been using the same modules so... Shine one of the modules through the cube and rotate the module slowly while observing the beam/dot brightness - make sure you are wearing eye protection or use a meter if you have one. Mark the top of the module at the brightest point. Do the same for the other module. Then mount the modules at 90 degrees to each other pointing at the cube with the mark for the beam straight through at the top and the mark on the other module rotated 90 degrees to be on the side of the module. The beams can now be aligned by using the mount to adjust the cube. If you turn the modules on one after the other you will see the beam increase in brightness (almost double subject to losses). You can set these up for analogue modulation using a flexmod P3 and lasorbs. You should short the diode while you set this up. Lots of info is on the forum if you search.

    Cheers Mickey
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    I have just created a guide to using PBS that may answer your questions
    see the download page of my website
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