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Thread: Help me get a whitelight mixedgas Ar-Kr ion laser.

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    Default Help me get a whitelight mixedgas Ar-Kr ion laser.

    Hey everyone!.
    Well I'm here to make some sacrifices.I am trying to get my dream laser system. I am buying a whitelight Ar-Kr from a forum member & I would really like to finish paying for it so I can take it home.
    What I'm trying to raise, is 1,500 dollars for the final payment.
    To do so I am selling some of my toys to help make it a done deal.
    First item is an ILT 5490A 120 mw argon ion laser with a model 400 power supply. I cleaned the external optics & walked the mirrors to visually bring it up to 120 mw. It will go higher, however I have not owned an ILT before & after some discussion with some people,I decided to not clean the internal optics as it sounds like a rather intensive chore. It has 4 lines at idle and 7 at full power.
    I do not have remote for it & the power level is *idle* and *high* determined by a single switch.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	008.JPG 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	033.JPG 
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    I am asking 600 USD for the system,price negotiable.

    I also have a 445 lab style laser I built from scratch. I bought the diode from Krazer & machined the heat sink. it has x-y (up-down) adjustment knobs & is very sturdy.the outer housing is a hard composite plastic. It does 1,1 watts,but I have been running at at a half watt as its too bright at full power in my studio here at home. I would like 100 USD for this.

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	096.JPG 
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    Then I have a Spectra Physics 107 OEM He-Ne laser. its doing about 27 mw, when I got it from Junktronix it was doing 0 mw. All i did to get it to go was to wipe the brewsters,and it lased. after properly cleaning the brewsters & doing the mirrors,it was doing 27 mw. the tube needs to be adjusted & I dont think I have what it takes to mess with the bore adjustments! No power supply. Looking for 400 USD OBO.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	073.JPG 
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    then finally, I have ten of these closed loop scanners from General Scanning. the guesses are that they are either G108s or G128s. I dont know what they can do scanning wise. I would like to get 100 bucks a piece/ each.
    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	013.JPG 
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    they are all boxed and in the original foam cutouts.

    I also have a Tektronix 2265A 60 Mhz oscilloscope. it is the one from my bench at work. when we upgraded to the 2 GHz LCD scopes. It was calibrated two years ago. 300 bucks.
    So there it is. PM me with offers or interests.
    Help me get my first mixed gas Ion laser system!
    Thanks for checking this out & thanks for helping me reach my goal!
    Will there be three phase!!!!

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    pm sent for 445 lab module

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