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    Unhappy Snoc Electronics

    Uphill struggle,

    Make what you want from this,

    Ordered December

    1 x 445nm 1000mw Analog
    1 x 650nm 1000mw Analog
    1 x 532nm 500mw Analog

    2 x Set of Dicromo's

    Recieved Mid Jan except Dicromos was missing,

    Packaging was good, beam specs were what was advertised,

    Power out was

    445 = 1.1w
    650 = 1.1w
    532 = 700mw

    532 is only TTL, cannot get Snoc to change without paying more

    445 and 650 altought having an analog connector, will only work with TTL, cannot get Snoc to accept there is an issue.

    Communications are poor now we have issues, over the 45 day chargeback period, don't know if this is what he wanted.

    Good relations cost nothing.

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