:? I did a show last night and discovered something a bit strange. The trace lines from the green laser could be seen in a few frames. But only parts of the displayed images that need green or in a combined color. Also showed up as a hot spots in other frames. It did not exhibit this behavior all the time. It seemed the more complex frames are plagued. I have checked all the signal outputs and are as to be expected. Is there a possibility the TTL driver circuit has been taxed beyond it's capability? I can't find a viable problem in the software as to this issue. The other 2 lasers are doing fine....all signal levels match pretty much with respect to the others. Doesn't seem to be a signal delivery issue. I have not tried another laser in it's place as of now. I hate to tear open the unit now that all the kit is {WAS} in good working order. Any suggestions as to go next with this? Keep in mind the unit was doing great a few weeks ago. Tested on a different P/C. Both P/C's seem to exhibit the same problem as to the output. They have the same software. Is there a possibility of back reflections from the tri-chro effecting the output?.....wouldn't think so. The output of the green laser is almost in the same plane as the input side of the tri-chro. Seems if there were a problem here it would simply kill the laser. I have a replacement available...only a 30mw unit.